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The Collaborative International Dictionary

jackstraws \jack"straws`\, n. The game played with jackstraws[2], which resembles pick-up-sticks.


n. (plural of jackstraw English)


n. a game in which players try to pick each jackstraw (or spillikin) off of a pile without moving any of the others [syn: spillikins]

Usage examples of "jackstraws".

Banningham was even denied the solace of picturing the Nonesuch's boredom at Staples, for Courtenay told Jack that the party had not broken up till past midnight, and that when it came to playing Jackstraws the Nonesuch had them all beat to flinders, even Miss Trent, who had such deft fingers.

After that, Tiffany renewed her demand that they should play at Jackstraws, which enabled Miss Trent to retire into the back drawing-room, where she became busy, finding the straws, and settling the four youngest members of the party round the table.

Within seconds, people were falling down like children's jackstraws, piled every which way.

We know that none of the visible things is the key to this pile of magical jackstraws, but did it occur to you that there might be something here that is not visible?

When Archer realized what he was looking at through the jackstraws that had been lumber, he whistled.

Into this tangle of jackstraws the young thief vaulted, until she'd left the raspy-voiced monster behind.

And every moment Donal was not with her, playing jackstraws, listening to her read from one of the old books in the library, or learning the proper way to eat at the table, he was looking for his new hero.