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Jaca (in Aragonese: Chaca or Xaca) is a city of northeastern Spain in the province of Huesca, located near the Pyrenees and the border with France. Jaca is an ancient fort on the Aragón River, situated at the crossing of two great early medieval routes, one from Pau to Zaragoza. Jaca was the city out of which the County and Kingdom of Aragon developed It was the capital of Aragon until 1097 and also the capital of Jacetania.

Jaca (disambiguation)

Jaca is a city in northeastern Spain.

Jaca or JACA may also refer to:

  • Jackfruit
  • CH Jaca, a Spanish ice hockey team
  • Jaca Navarra, a horse breed
  • Journal of American Chiropractic Association

Usage examples of "jaca".

The municipal charter of Jaca dates from the Moorish expulsion, and is reckoned among the earliest in Spain.