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  1. JAC may refer to:
JAC (football club)

JAC Port-Gentil is a Gabonese football club based in Port-Gentil, Ogooué-Maritime province. They play in the Gabon Championnat National D2.

In 1990 the team has won the Gabon Championnat National D1.

Usage examples of "jac".

Jacen pulled one of two thermal detonators from his belt, thumbed the fuse to the first click, and used the Force to hurl it into her path.

Then Jacen and Tahiri had him under the arms, dragging him half a dozen steps down the passage before they levitated him into the air.

Despite the setbacks Jacen had engineered with the dhuryam-the World Brain-the Yuuzhan Vong shapers seemed to be making headway.

Dozens of white-armored Imperial stormtroopers boiled through the hole like a hive of frenzied lizard-ants that Jacen had once kept in his collection of exotic pets.

The stormtroopers leveled blaster pistols at Jacen, Jaina, and Lowbacca.

The door whisked open, and the stormtroopers herded Jacen into a small cubicle, bare-walled and uncomfortable.

The stormtroopers stepped back, and the door shut behind Jacen, closing him in, weaponless and alone.

Jacen had become the dismantling void that was drawing Onimi into a slender thread, attenuating him to the point of infinite smallness.

Glancing up into the upper reaches of the boras, Jacen looked just in time to see something large and dark pass overhead.

Jacen sensed a furious struggle caught in the posture of the trees, as though the boras had been frozen in the act of trying to devour one another.

These Peace Brigaders at least registered as a part of the living universe, and because he could feel them in the Force, Jacen could anticipate their actions.

Through the spindly foliage, Jacen saw that they had entered a canyonlike passage perhaps a hundred meters wide and half that in depth, with a "sky" of brightly glowing lichen clinging to the ceiling above the treetops.

It seemed to Jacen almost as if with each touch of the cauterizer, Ganner was reliving the cut that had opened the wound.

Jacen listened to them, less trying to understand their words than marveling in the sense of peace their declarations seemed to kindle in them.

Before jumping to conclusions, though, Jacen had wanted to test every alternative hypothesis.