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n. (plural of jab English)

Usage examples of "jabs".

For another minute angry voices continued to be heard, echoing indistinctly from various quarters of the chamber, before finally falling reluctantly silent as the participants realized that none of their verbal jabs was getting through to the designated recipients.

Tristan jogged across the recovery bay, pressing a hand to his right side when the motion sent little jabs through it.

I took my digging knife and chipped a piece from the block with reckless haste, dropped it into my mortar, and smashed it into granules with a few quick jabs of the pestle.

He peered critically at himself in the mirror and made small jabs at his coiffure with the comb, which seemed pitifully inadequate to the task.

He could still walk, but each step sent jabs of pain through his leg, and he burned intermittently with fever.

As I struggle with the hem, Stone jabs a stick through a stretched-taut place and rips off a long piece.

The inspector suddenly abandoned Gorth and swung to Jan Ravion, who so far had said nothing, though his tiny eyes had been making gimlet jabs at each speaker.