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Jabriya is in an area in Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait. It is a large, mainly residential suburb that borders with Surra, Hawalli, Salmiya and Bayan. Jabriya has seen an increase of commercial activities as of recent years. As of 31 December 2007, Jabriya's population is estimated to be 66,056 (source PACI: 1).

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, one of the six public hospitals in Kuwait, was built there in 1982. Other organizations within the area include the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) and the Kuwait Central Blood Bank. Jabriya is divided into 12 blocks with 2 blocks 1 and 3 sectioned into A and B parts. Jabriya contains more than 10 schools; many, compared to its size. It is home to some of the finest schooling foundations such as New English School, The English Academy, Bayan Bilingual School and Fajr Al Sabah. Jabriya has many foreign workers.

Like other parts of Kuwait, Jabriya has traffic problems, yet in Jabriya the condition is even more effecting. Jabriya is also well known for its relative safety and diversity. Jabriya has two supermarkets, many choices of clinics, pharmacies, restaurants and coffeeshops. Tariq Rajab Museum is located in Jabriya.

It has in Block 12 the New English School. It also has three Starbucks Coffee branches (one which is in Al Hadi Hospital) and also has a Hardee's, Baskin Robbins, McDonald's and KFC branch. Recently The Sultan Center opened a branch in Block 12 of Jabriya and there is also the local co-op/supermarket. There is also a branch for the National Bank of Kuwait and Al Ahli Bank. Also in Jabriya, bordering with Hawalli is the Central Blood Bank. There is also a Medical Research Center.

Jabriya is home to many foreigners who work in nearby schools. Houses in Jabriya are between 2-4 storey tall. From Jabriya, you can get onto the Fahaheel Expressway which leads to areas such as Bayan, Salwa, Rumaithiya and Abu Halifa.