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Jabbi Shareef , is one of the 51 Union Councils (administrative subdivisions) of Khushab District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan is located at 12KM North of Mitha Tiwana Station at main Sargodha Mianwali Road . It is oldest city of the district and one of the oldest cities of Punjab. It belongs to Daman-e-Muhar region and it is largest city of Daman-e-Muhar. It has Awan as its major cast.Population of Jabbi Shareef is about 25,000 and is divided into three regions, Jabbi-Shumali, Jabbi-Janubi, Jabbi. It covers a vast land of 900 km. It is located away from Khushab and away from Jauharabad. It is located at 32°23'60N 72°5'60E.