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Jaan (given name)

Jaan is the spelling of the name John in Estonian language.

People named Jaan include:

  • Jaan Anvelt (1884–1937), Estonian communist revolutionary
  • Jaan Arder (born 1952), Estonian singer
  • Jaan Ehlvest (born 1962), Estonian chess player
  • Jaan Eilart (1933–2006), Estonian biologist
  • Jaan Einasto (born 1929), Estonian astrophysicist
  • Jaan Jüris (born 1977), Estonian ski jumper
  • Jaan Kaplinski (born 1941), Estonian poet, philosopher, and culture critic
  • Jaan Kärner (1891–1958), Estonian poet and writer
  • Jaan Kiivit, Jr. (1940–2005), Estonian Archbishop
  • Jaan Kikkas (1892–1944), Estonian weightlifter
  • Jaan Kirsipuu (born 1969), Estonian road bicycle racer
  • Jaan Kross (1920–2007), Estonian contemporary writer
  • Jaan Kundla (born 1937), Estonian politician
  • Jaan Laaman (born 1948), American member of the United Freedom Front
  • Jaan Lattik, (1878–1967), Estonian politician and writer
  • Jaan J. Leppik (born 1969), Estonian clergyman and politician
  • Jaan Manitski (born 1942), Estonian politician
  • Jaan Mark (born 1951), Estonian politician
  • Jaan Patterson (born 1975), German American writer and composer, founder of the netlabel Surrism-Phonoethics
  • Jaan Pehk (born 1975), Estonian writer, singer and guitarist
  • Jaan Port (1891–1951), Estonian botanist
  • Jaan Poska (1866–1920), Estonian barrister and politician
  • Jaan Puhvel (born 1932), Estonian-American Indo-Europeanist
  • Jaan Rääts (born 1932), Estonian film score composer
  • Jaan Sarv (1877–1954), Estonian mathematician and pedagogue
  • Jaan Soots (1880–1942), Estonian military commander
  • Jaan Tallinn (born 1972), Estonian programmer
  • Jaan Talts (born 1944), Estonian weightlifter
  • Jaan Teemant (1872–?), Estonian lawyer and politician
  • Jaan Tiidemann (born 1971), Estonian architect
  • Jaan Tõnisson (1868–?), Estonian statesman
  • Jaan Toomik (born 1961), Estonian video artist and a painter

Fictional characters

  • Jaan Tatikas, protagonist in the Eduard Bornhöhe's novel Tallinna narrid ja narrikesed, who has become a well-known stereotype in Estonian culture

Jaan may refer to:

  • Jaan (given name)
  • JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network)
  • Jaan (album), an Indian pop album by Sonu Nigam
  • Jaan (film), a 1996 Bollywood action film directed by Raj Kanwar
  • Gauhar Jaan (1873–1930), Indian singer and dancer
  • Jaan (TV series), an Indian drama television series which aired on Zee TV in 1999.
Jaan (film)

Jaan is a 1996 Bollywood action film directed by Raj Kanwar and starring Ajay Devgan and Twinkle Khanna. The film was Super Hit at box office. Jaan is loosely based on Jackie Shroff stater Hero