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Izzatullah, also spelled Ezzatullah or Ezatullah, is a male Muslim given name, formed from the elements Izzat and Allah. It may refer to

  • Ezatullah (Nangarhar), Afghan militia leader who helped set up a provisional government after the Taliban retreated in November 2001 from Nangarhar Province
  • Ezatullah Mujahid, government administrator in the Sangin District, Afghanistan, in 2007
  • Ezatullah Haqqani, Afghan member of the Taliban's Council
  • Izzatullah Wasifi (born 1958), chief of Afghanistan's General Independent Administration of Anti Corruption, formerly governor of Herat Province
  • Ezatullah Zawab, Afghan journalist who was kidnapped in retaliation for publishing an article critical of local clerics
  • Mullah Ezat or Ezatullah, Afghan commander from Paghman district in Kabul Province and ally of Abdul Rasul Sayyaf who participated in the Afshar Operation
  • Hiztullah Yar Nasrat or Izatullah Nasrat Yar, Afghan held in Guantanamo
  • Izatullah Dawlatzai (born 1991), Afghan cricketer