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Izquierdo (crater)

Izquierdo is a crater on Mercury located to the east of Beagle Rupes and Sveinsdóttir crater. The floor of Izquierdo is smooth, the result of having been partially filled with volcanic lava. Circular outlines of the rims of “ghost craters” – smaller, older craters that have been largely buried by the lavas that infilled the basin – are visible in a few places on Izquierdo’s floor. The remnants of a buried inner ring are also barely discernible in spots. There have been more recent impacts into the floor of Izquierdo, resulting in some small, sharply defined craters.


Izquierdo (Spanish for "left") may refer to:

  • Calixto Garcia de Luna e Izquierdo, merchant born in Soria, Castilla c. 1768
  • Elisa Izquierdo (1989–1995), six-year-old girl from the USA, beaten to death by her mother
  • Hank Izquierdo (1931–2015), Cuban Major League Baseball player
  • Hansel Izquierdo (born 1977), retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Ivan Izquierdo, Argentine Brazilian scientist and neurobiologist
  • José Heriberto Izquierdo Mena (born 1992), Colombian footballer
  • José Izquierdo (footballer born 1980) (born 1980), Spanish footballer
  • Jose Izquierdo Encarnacion 19th Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • J. P. Izquierdo (born 1969), Canadian football player
  • Julio Izquierdo Labrado (born 1958), Spanish writer and doctor of history
  • Lilia Izquierdo (born 1967), former female volleyball player from Cuba, thrice Olympic gold medallist
  • Manuel Izquierdo (1928–2009), sculptor and woodcut artist
  • María Izquierdo (1902–1955), Mexican painter
  • Miguel Ramón Izquierdo (1919–2007), Spanish politician, mayor of Valencia
  • Rafael de Izquierdo y Gutiérrez, Spanish Military Officer, became Governor-General of the Philippines 1871–1873
  • Vicente Guillén Izquierdo (born 1958), Spanish politician who belongs to the governing PSOE