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IYOUIT is a mobile alpha service to share personal experiences with others while on the go. It was released in June 2008 by DOCOMO Euro-Labs.

IYOUIT allows for an instant automated sharing of personal experiences within communities online. It offers contextual tagging for use in everyday life. By hooking a mobile phone up to the Web 2.0 services Flickr and Twitter, sharing can be instant, by posting single data items to such services, or through the aggregation of context information in online blogs.

IYOUIT provides users with access to the whereabouts of their friends, informs them about weather conditions and uploads photos taken and sounds recorded. If the user comes across a book (or other products), they can take a picture of the ISBN code or the product ID with the phone's camera, and IYOUIT will fill in the blanks for instant exchange with friends. IYOUIT records scanned Bluetooth or WLAN beacons and aggregates all data into context information that can be shared with others worldwide on the Web and on the mobile phone.