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n. (obsolete spelling of jynx English) (19th C.)


In Greek mythology, Iynx was an Arkadian Oreiad nymph; a daughter of the god Pan and either Peitho or Echo. She cast a spell on Zeus which caused him to fall in love with Io. In consequence of this, Hera metamorphosed her into the bird called iynx ( Eurasian wryneck, jynx torquilla).

According to another story, she was a daughter of Pierus, and as she and her sisters had presumed to enter into a musical contest with the Muses, she was changed into the bird iynx. This bird, the symbol of passionate and restless love, was given by Aphrodite to Jason, who, by turning it round and pronouncing certain magic words, excited the love of Medea.

Usage examples of "iynx".

Then she took the dry, powder-like substance that remained at the bottom of the mortar and placed it in a container made from the bone of an Iynx, the beast sacred to Frigg.