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n. A large, vaulted chamber with a monumental arched opening on one side.


An iwan (Persian: eyvān, Iwan, also spelled ivan, Turkish: eyvan) is a rectangular hall or space, usually vaulted, walled on three sides, with one end entirely open. The formal gateway to the iwan is called pishtaq, a Persian term for a portal projecting from the facade of a building, usually decorated with calligraphy bands, glazed tilework, and geometric designs. Since the definition allows for some interpretation, the overall forms and characteristics can vary greatly in terms of scale, material, or decoration. Iwans are most commonly associated with Islamic architecture; however, the form was invented much earlier and fully developed in Mesopotamia, around the third century CE during the Parthian period.

Iwan (disambiguation)

Iwan is an element in Islamic architecture.

It may also refer to:

  • Iwan (name), a given name and surname of multiple origins
  • 3634 Iwan, main-belt asteroid
  • Eyvan, a city in Iran, sometimes spelled Iwan or Ivan
Iwan (singer)

Mohammed Marwan Ba'aseery (born 16 August 1980), known as Iwan is a Lebanese singer. He started his musical career as a songwriter by composing music for other artists. In 2003, Iwan started his own solo singer, enjoying widespread success in the Middle East and introduced Iwan to the Arabic public as a talented singer. His has released two albums: the debut Albi Sahran (2004) and Erga' Leya (2007) under Melody Music production.

Iwan (name)

Iwan is a masculine given name and a surname.

It is a Welsh and Cornish name related to Ifan and derived from the Latin Johannes.

It is also found in Germanic and Slavic languages as a variant of Ivan (name), which is a form of the Biblical name John. The Welsh given name related to this is Ioan rather than Iwan.

Iwan (musician)

Abdul Razak Issahaku (born 12 September 1985), performing as Iwan, is a Reggae and Dance Hall artiste from Ghana, West Africa. Being a product of University of Ghana, Legon, Iwan also known as "Lyrical Gunshot" pursued Theatre Art and Music and Dance and now holds Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Usage examples of "iwan".

Anne Iwanowna, who died in the forty-fifth year of her age, after having bequeathed her crown to Iwan, or John, the infant son of her niece, the princess Anne of Mecklenburgh, who had been married to Anthony Ulrick, duke of Brunswick Lunenberg-Bevern.