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'''Iwa ''' is a village development committee in the Himalayas of Terhathum District in the Kosi Zone of eastern Nepal.

Usage examples of "iwa".

As they entered she was seized with convulsions, and gave birth to this Iwa, thus brought into the world together with the exposure of the crime.

To seven births this Iwa will clutch and chew the wicked son of a wicked father.

At all events conceal the fact from Iwa, if it be deigned to keep such company.

To Iwa this pastime of gambling seems a very ill one, particularly in a man of official rank.

No heir appears to console this Iwa and to continue its worship, to inherit its revenues.

May the sacred characters of the Daimoku, written on the heart of Iwa for her future salvation, be seared out as with hot iron.

How did their empire creep out from the Akiran System to Butsudo and then to red Rokakubutsu and in time to distant Iwa Katsura?

Iwas especially keen on comprehensive works that coveredall the knowledge on a particular subject, for example TheWorld of Art, The World of Music, The Human Body, FrancisBull's World Literary History, Bull, Paasche, Winsnes andHoem's The History of Norwegian Literature and Falk andTorp's Etymological Dictionary of the Norwegian and DanishTongues.