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I am also indebted to Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose for their research on George W.

A ways down we have Viv Ivins in place to meet with you as a stand-in for your mother.

Buck noticed that while the attention refocused on Viv Ivins, Leon went to work on his backside, riffling his fingers over the area.

Finally Viv Ivins chose to kneel on the pavement as she received the application, then slowly stood and turned.

Buck hesitated as Carpathia stopped near them, Fortunato, Moon, Ivins, and others mince-stepping behind, pale and haggard.

Desperate to see what would happen in front of the temple, Buck scampered up a tree and saw Viv Ivins meet Carpathia near the entrance.

Chang heard Akbar unbuckle and leave, but it was clear Viv Ivins immediately followed.

My brother, Andy Ivins, his wife, Carla, and Dax, Drew, and Darby are dear to me beyond measure.

His Aunt Agnes McMahon, a schoolteacher, and his Uncle Frank Ivins, the Episcopal bishop of Milwaukee, helped out.

Jim Ivins lettered in crew several times and then worked his way through law school as a crew coach, along with a mad variety of other jobs.

When everything else gave outloran and shortwave and all the fancy electronic hoo-ha that boats have nowadays, Jim Ivins could still get out a brass sextant and hand off the bow and tell you where you were.

And I know more than one skipper on the big-time racing circuit who will tell you they had given up, nothing left functioning, all hands thought they were dead, and they looked out and there was Big Jim Ivins, licking salt off his cracked lips after twenty-four hours at the wheel, and there was no reason to give upnot with Big Jim on board.

Molly Ivins book Waltraude had never been able to track down through Library Services.

Ivins shifted in her chair, made another check mark on her list, and said, “.

Amid angry insinuations that I "lied" about Senator Max Cleland, I was attacked on the Senate floor by Senator Jack Reed, Molly Ivins called my column "error-ridden," and Al Hunt called it a "lie.