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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an ivied campus
▪ Rooks cawed and tumbled about the ivied trees.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ivied \I"vied\, a. [From Ivy.] Overgrown with ivy.


a. Overgrown with ivy.


adj. overgrown with ivy; "Harvard's ivied buildings" [syn: ivy-covered]

Usage examples of "ivied".

The ivied walls, and purplish roof lichened yellow in places, the quiet meadows harbouring ponies and kine, reaching from it to the sea--all was mellow.

Ahead was Loombe Hamlet, a cluster of quaint shops, steepled church, ivied manor and stone cottages.

Directed by a dim, smoke-bleared sun glimpsed through the woodland canopy, the travelers walked on through the reddish-brown smog of the day, and at evenfall, when weariness threatened to sweep Tahquil from her feet, they climbed to shelter in a huge and ivied weather beech, pulling themselves up on vegetable cables to rest in a scoop at the junction of three great boughs.

Beyond the scarred trunks in the background, illumined by faint flashes of filtered lightning, rose the damp ivied stones of the deserted mansion, while somewhat nearer was the abandoned Dutch garden whose walks and beds were polluted by a white, fungous, foetid, over-nourished vegetation that never saw full daylight.

Heavy as an ivied tower, it crashed the blackness, decollated, to the sound of brass, like something in son et lumière.

But when we seek understanding from authorities-in ivied towers of learning, or marbled halls of government, or dark caves of mysticism-we fall short of our goal.

Unlike all else of eminence round about, Main Gate (for so I recognized it, with a shiver, and the lawn as Great Mall, and the imposing edifice far down it as Tower Hall) was unlit: guards prowled in the shadow along the ivied, gargoyled wall into which it made and before the famous one-way turnstile at the road's end.

If that was not enough, I liked him, although I had some difficulty in recognizing, beneath the olive-drab uniform, the sarcastic and brilliant professor who used to hold forth within the ivied walls of Harvard Yard.