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Iverson may refer to:

Iverson (surname)

Iverson is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Iverson Jr. (1829–1911), American Civil War general
  • Alfred Iverson Sr. (1798–1873), American politician
  • Allen Iverson (born 1975), American basketball player
  • Donald L. Iverson (1923-1999), American politician
  • Colton Iverson (born 1989), American basketball player
  • F. Kenneth Iverson, American businessman
  • Jack Iverson (1915–1973), Australian cricketer
  • Jacob J. Iverson (1850-1923), American politician
  • Johnathan Lee Iverson (born 1976), American circus entertainer
  • Kenneth E. Iverson, Canadian computer scientist, inventor of APL
  • May Iverson, fictional heroine of a series of novels by Elizabeth Jordan
  • Philip Iverson (1965–2006), Canadian artist
  • Sherrice Iverson (1989–1997), American murder victim

Iverson is also a given name. Notable people with the given name include

  • Iverson Lewis Warinner (1944-), noted Kentucky educator, international consultant, dramatist