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Iveagh (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency)

Iveagh was a constituency of the Parliament of Northern Ireland.

Iveagh (disambiguation)

Iveagh derives from the , referring to a clan that controlled west County Down, Ireland, into the 17th century. Its pronunciation varies geographically: in Ulster, in Dublin, and in London. It may refer to:

In places:

  • Iveagh (territory); an ancient Irish district, and one of the baronies of Ireland; later subdivided into two, and then four baronies:
    • Iveagh Lower, Lower Half
    • Iveagh Lower, Upper Half
    • Iveagh Upper, Lower Half
    • Iveagh Upper, Upper Half
  • Iveagh (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency), based on the baronies
  • Mount Iveagh, Antarctica

In people:

  • Earl of Iveagh, British peerage of the Guinness family
  • Viscount Magennis of Iveagh, an Irish Peerage title 1623–93

In organisations and buildings:

  • Iveagh House, Dublin HQ of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Iveagh Primary School, Rathfriland, County Down
  • Iveagh Grounds, sports ground in Dublin
  • Iveagh Market, Dublin
  • Iveagh Trust, housing association
  • Iveagh United F.C., Dunmurry

Iveagh is the name of several different historical territorial divisions located in modern-day County Down, Northern Ireland. It is the anglicised name of an ancient Irish district, ruled by the Uí Echach Cobo, as well as the name of a former barony, which was split into Iveagh Lower and Iveagh Upper.