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Ivanov may refer to one of the following:

  • Ivanov (surname), list of real people with this last name
Fictional characters
  • D. D. Ivanov, a fictional character in the Macross universe
  • Pola Ivanova, a fictional character from the James Bond film, A View to a Kill
  • Susan Ivanova, a fictional character in the Babylon 5 universe
  • Yuriy Ivanov, a fictional character in the Beyblade anime series
  • Ivanova, a fictional character in Harry Potter who plays as a chaser for the Bulgarian Quidditch team
  • Sukhoi Su-2, a Soviet airplane codenamed "Ivanov"
  • Ivanov (band), French band
  • Ivanov (play), by Anton Chekhov
Ivanov (play)

Ivanov is a four-act drama by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

Ivanov was first performed in 1887, when Fiodor Korsh, owner of the Korsh Theatre in Moscow, commissioned Chekhov to write a comedy. Chekhov, however, responded with a four-act drama, which he wrote in ten days. Despite the success of its first performance, the production disgusted Chekhov himself. In a letter to his brother, he wrote that he "did not recognise his first remarks as my own" and that the actors "do not know their parts and talk nonsense". Irritated by this failure, Chekhov made alterations to the play. Consequently, the final version is different from that first showing. After this re-write, it was accepted to be performed in St. Petersburg in 1889. Chekhov's re-write was a success and offered a foretaste for the style and themes of his subsequent masterpieces.

Ivanov (surname)

Ivanov ( Bulgarian, , sometimes the stress is on Ива́нов in Bulgarian if it is a middle name, or in Russian as a rare variant of pronunciation), Ivanoff or Ivanow (masculine), or Ivanova (; feminine) is one of the most common surnames in Bulgaria and the second most widespread surname in Russia after Smirnov. The surname derived from the first name Ivan (equivalent to John, and Ivan"-ov" meaning "John's/Ivan's" making the name effectively equivalent to Johns/Ivans).

The following people share this surname (See Ivanov for fictional characters):

  • Alexander Ivanov – several people
  • Alexey Ivanov – several people
  • Alina Ivanova (born 1969), Russian race walker and long-distance runner
  • Almaz Ivanov (died 1669), Russian statesman
  • Anton Ivanov-Goluboy (1818–1863), Russian painter
  • Artyom Ivanov – several people
  • Artemiy Ivanov, Russian zoologist
  • Binio Ivanov, Bulgarian poet
  • Clement Ivanov, also known as Puppey (video gamer)
  • Desi Slava (born 1979), Bulgarian singer better known as Desi Slava
  • Dimitar Ivanov Popov (1894–1975), Bulgarian organic chemist
  • Dimitrana Ivanova (1881–1960), Bulgarian reform pedagogue, suffragist and women's rights activist
  • Dimitar Ivanov Stoyanov (1877–1949), Bulgarian writer better known as Elin Pelin
  • Dmytro Ivanov (born 1989), Ukrainian footballer
  • Elena Ivanova, Russian figure skater
  • Georgi Ivanov (disambiguation) – several people
  • Georgy Ivanov (1894–1958), leading poet of the Russian emigration
  • Georgy Vasilyevich Ivanov (1901–2001), Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Igor Petrovich Ivanov (1923–1992), Russian pedagogue
  • Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov (1947–2004), Russian-born Canadian chess player
  • Igor Ivanov (born 1945), Russian foreign minister
  • Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov (1870 – c. 1932), Russian biologist
  • Ivan Ivanov – several people
  • Ive Ivanov, (born 1985), Croatian basketball player
  • Ivo Ivanov – several people
  • Kira Ivanova (1963–2001), Russian figure skater
  • Konstantin Valeryevich Ivanov (born 1991), Russian footballer
  • Konstantin Vasilyevich Ivanov (1890–1915), Chuvash poet
  • Kristo Ivanov (born 1937), Swedish information scientist and systems scientist
  • Kurbat Ivanov (died 1666), Cossack explorer
  • Lea Ivanova, Bulgarian singer
  • Leonid Ivanov, several people
  • Lev Ivanov (1834–1901), Russian choreographer
  • Lili Ivanova (born 1939), Bulgarian singer
  • Lyubomir Ivanov, Bulgarian scientist, non-governmental activist, and Antarctic explorer
  • Lyubov Ivanova (born 1981), Russian long-distance runner
  • Mike Ivanow (born 1948), retired U.S. soccer goalkeeper
  • Mikhail Ivanov (cross-country skier) (born 1977), Russian cross country skier
  • Mikhail Ivanov (composer) (1849–1927), Russian composer and critic
  • Mikhail Matveyevich Ivanov, Russian graphic artist and painter
  • Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov (1859–1939), Russian composer, conductor, and pedagogue
  • Mikhail Ivanov-Boretsky (1874–1936), Russian musicologist and composer
  • Mimi Ivanova, Bulgarian singer
  • Mirela Ivanova (born 1962), modern Bulgarian poet
  • Miroslav Ivanov (writer) (1929–1999), Czech non-fiction writer
  • Miroslav Ivanov (footballer) (born 1981), Bulgarian footballer
  • Mitrofan Ivanov-Kozelsky, Russian actor
  • Natalia Ivanova – several people
  • Nikolay Ivanov – several people
  • Nicolas Ivanoff (born 1969), French pilot and flying instructor
  • Olga Ivanova – several people
  • Olimpiada Ivanova (born 1979), Russian athlete
  • Pavlo Ivanov (born 1984), Ukrainian footballer
  • Porfiry Ivanov (1898–1983), Russian religious leader
  • Pyotr Ivanov – several people
  • Razumnik Ivanov-Razumnik, Russian politician
  • Rick Ivanoff a Canadian songwriter and member of SOCAN
  • Savina Ivanova (born 1989), Australian academic
  • Semion Ivanov (1907–1993), Soviet general
  • Sergei Vasilievich Ivanov, Russian soloist with the Alexandrov Ensemble
  • Sergey Ivanov – several people
  • Trifon Ivanov (1965–2016), Bulgarian football player
  • Valentin D. Ivanov (born 1967), Bulgarian astronomer and science fiction writer
  • Valentin Kozmich Ivanov (1934–2011), Soviet football player
  • Valentin Valentinovich Ivanov (born 1961), Russian football referee
  • Valentina Ivanova (born 1963), Russian discus thrower
  • Valeri Ivanov (born 1963), modern Bulgarian poet and literari critic
  • Valeri Ivanov (died 2002), Russian journalist
  • Varvara Ivanova (born 1987), Russian virtuoso harpist
  • Vasili Ivanov (born 1970), Russian football player
  • Viktor Ivanov (born 1950), Russian politician
  • Viktor Semyonovich Ivanov (1909–1968), Soviet poster artist
  • Vitali Vladimirovich Ivanov (born 1976), Russian handball player
  • Vitaly Vyacheslavovich Ivanov (born 1977), Russian lawyer, journalist, political scientist and member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
  • Violeta G. Ivanova, Bulgarian astronomer
  • Vladimir Ivanov – several people
  • Vladislav Ivanov – several people
  • Volodymyr Ivanov (volleyball), Ukrainian volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist
  • Vsevolod Ivanov (1895–1963), Soviet writer
  • Vyacheslav Ivanov – several people
  • Xenophont Ivanov (1898–1967), Bulgarian veterinary scholar
  • Yanis Ivanov, Soviet composer and People's Artist of the USSR
  • Yehor Ivanov, (born 1991) Ukrainian footballer
  • Yevgeny Ivanov – several people
  • Yulia Ivanova (born 1983), Russian beauty queen
  • Yury Ivanov – several people
Ivanov (band)

Ivanov is a French band, one-hit wonder, composed of Aliocha Berman, Walter Troiani, Patrick Laithier, Gilles Petitjean and Yves Renaud. The band had its greatest hit in 1989, with "Les Nuit sans soleil", which earned a Silver disc and reached number 7 on the French SNEP Singles Chart, in which it stayed for 16 weeks. The next single, "Aventurier", released in 1990, and the album Casser le destin, were not unsuccessful. Band's members were both writers and composers of their singles.