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Released in 2009 iUsask was Canada's first iPhone app created for University Students. The app offered personalized Class Schedule, Grades, News, Library access, Campus Map, Final Exam Schedule, Webcams and many other features. The app creation was a collaboration between the University of Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Department and the team that would later become Push Interactions. The project required tying together many different backend systems in order to offer the list of features. Backends included Banner, Moodle and various other University of Saskatchewan backends such as iHelp and eHandin. The App was covered nationwide by many news organizations because it was the first app of its kind for university students in Canada as well as containing such a wide range of features because of the vast collaboration across the University of Saskatchewan on the project. With the motto "iUsask puts the University of Saskatchewan in your pocket!". The work was a collaboration of many people across the University of Saskatchewan.