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pron. (obsolete spelling of it English)


ITT may refer to:

Usage examples of "itt".

Dear Lord, she hated roughing itt Ten minutes later, as she made her way back to the camp, a sudden noise in the underbrush stopped her dead in her tracks.

ITT could not claim against insurance for an expropriation the company itself provoked by violating Chilean law.

And as for offering them men, in that you doe me wrong, our men being all buisy then at their harvest, and I leave itt to your judgment whether there was any occasion when only foure hundred of them engaged with your whole army.

An ITT board member, John McCone, pledged Kissinger $1 million in support of CIA action to prevent Allende from taking office.

The first one is that while you've persuaded me, I'm a much more reasonable, persuasible man than the officers and boards of directors of IBM and ITT, and it's their final decision, not mine.

After spending a few years as a systems design engineer, he transferred into selling and later joined the computer industry as a salesman, working with ITT, Honeywell, and Digital Equipment Corporation.