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ITL can refer to:

  • In to lunch (as opposed to "out to lunch")
  • Inside the Loop, a term pertaining to things inside the
    • 610 Loop in Houston
    • 635 Loop in Dallas
  • Ispravitelno-Trudovoi Lager, the Russian abbreviation for the correctional-labor camps ( Gulag)
  • In the Labyrinth, a role-playing system built on The Fantasy Trip
  • Interval Temporal Logic, a temporal logic
  • Iterative Template Library, a generic component library
  • Italian lira, the former currency of Italy that had ISO 4217 code ITL
  • Institute of Technology Law, National Chiao Tung University a law school in Taiwan
  • Islamic Tools and Libraries, a subproject of Arabeyes software which provides Hijri dates, Muslim prayer times and Qibla
  • Inferential theory of learning
  • ITL Eisenbahngesellschaft (Import Transport Logistik, ITL), a German private railway company based in Dresden
  • Information Technology Limited, a British computer company of the 1980s (formerly CTL)
  • International Transmissions Ltd, a subsidiary of JCB Group now branded JCB Drivetrain Systems.
  • Independent Testing Laboratory
  • International Transload Logistics, a 3rd Party Logistics Company
  • Iterative test-last, opposite of iterative test-first software development process