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Mount Ithome ( Greek: Ἰθώμη) or Ithomi, previously Vourkano or Vurcano before being changed back to Ithome, is the northernmost of twin peaks in Messenia, Greece. Mount Ithome rises to about , about over Valyra, the seat of Ithomi, the former municipality. The other peak is Mount Eva, , connected to Mount Ithomi by a thin ridge long.

Mount Ithome is north of Kalamata on the Gulf of Messenia, east of Pylos, seat of Bronze Age Messenia, and north of Messini, modern namesake of ancient Messene, nestled under the cliffs of Mount Ithome. From the top the whole valley of the Pamisos river can be viewed eastward to Mount Taygetus and southward to the Gulf of Messenia. The site is highly defensible and yet off the main road; in this case, the Kalamata-Pylos road.

Ithome (moth)

Ithome is a genus of moth in the family Cosmopterigidae.

Ithome (disambiguation)

Ithome is a mountain in Messenia, a regional unit of Greece