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ITE or Ite may refer to:

  • Information technology equipment
  • Inherit the Earth, a video game
  • Institute of Technical Education (Singapore)
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • In-the-ear hearing aids
  • ITE Group, an organiser of exhibitions and conferences
  • Interactive Television Entertainment, a defunct Danish media company
  • ITE Tech, a fabless semiconductor company from Taiwan
  • L’Internationale des Travailleurs de l’Enseignement, a predecessor organization of the World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE)

Ite may refer to:

  • "Ité", another name for the Moriche Palm (Mauritia flexuosa)
  • "-ite", a suffix for a chemical name of a molecule with one less oxygen atom than an "-ate" molecule
  • Ite District in Tacna Region, Peru
  • Ite (village), Walloon name of the Belgian village of Ittre

Usage examples of "ite".

My landlord, whose name was Ote, had been a captain, and was thought a great deal of at Zurich.

Anie, au bras de son mari, allait de table en table, son voile ote maintenant, adressant a chacun quelques mots aimables ou un sourire.

Nunc audite omnes, ite, vobis fabula narratur Nunc orate et laudate, laudat etiam Alma Mater.

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The Beverly Hilton brunch was his favor126 LEN DEIGHTON ite, and my boy Danny was an authority on all-youcan-eat brunches.

Dekker had screwed up, the Fleet was evidently about to lose ite investment in him—and, not in his most copacetic state, Dekker had asked for him?

He longed for the minor sacred offices, to be vested with the tunicle of subdeacon at high mass, to stand aloof from the altar, forgotten by the people, his shoulders covered with a humeral veil, holding the paten within its folds or, when the sacrifice had been accomplished, to stand as deacon in a dalmatic of cloth of gold on the step below the celebrant, his hands joined and his face towards the people, and sing the chant Ite missa est.