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It! may refer to:

  • It! (1966 film), a 1966 horror film directed by Herbert J. Leder
  • It! The Terror from Beyond Space, a 1958 science fiction film directed by Edward L. Cahn
  • "It!" (short story), a story featuring the earliest plant-based swamp monster in literature
It! (1966 film)

It! (alternate titles: Anger of the Golem, Curse of the Golem) is a 1967 British horror film made by Seven Arts Productions and Gold Star Productions, Ltd. that features the Golem of Prague as its main subject. Herbert J. Leder is a producer, screenwriter, and director. Leder also produced, wrote, and directed Nine Miles to the Moon (1963), The Frozen Dead (1966), and The Candy Man (1969). The film was made in the style of the Hammer Studios films both in sound and cinematography. It! stars Roddy McDowall as the mad assistant museum curator Arthur Pimm, who brings the golem to life.

It! (short story)

"It!" is an influential horror short story by Theodore Sturgeon, first published in Unknown August 1940. The story deals with a plant monster that is ultimately revealed to have formed around a human skeleton, specifically that of Roger Kirk, in a swamp. P. Schuyler Miller described "It!" as "probably the most unforgettable story ever published in Unknown. "