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Isy or ISY may refer to:

  • International Space Year, in 1992, promoting space exploration
  • International School Yangon in Burma
  • Isy Suttie, English actress

Usage examples of "isy".

But as he seemed to be pouring out his soul in the long extempore prayer, he suddenly opened his eyes as if unconsciously compelled, and that moment saw, in the front of the gallery before him, a face he could not doubt to be that of Isy.

Thence she descended after a while to her bedroom, there washed her face, and sadly prepared for a hungerless encounter with the dinner Isy had been getting ready for them--hoping to hear something about the sermon, perhaps even some little word about the minister himself.

I write and speir him oot to Stanecross to advise wi my father aboot Isy?

Now Isy had once seen the soutar at the farm, and going about her work had heard scraps of his conversation with the mistress, when she had been greatly struck by certain things he said, and had often since wished for the opportunity of a talk with him.

Maggie obeyed at once, and took Isy to the other end of the house, where the soutar had long ago given up his bed to her and the baby.

The soutar opened it himself, and took the minister straight to the ben-end of the house, where Isy sat alone.

I write and speir him oot to Stanecross to advise wi my father aboot Isy?

When they had all breakfasted, the soutar and Maggie in the kitchen, and Isy and the bairnie in the ben en', Maggie took her old place beside her father, and for a long time they worked without word spoken.