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ISN is an initialism that can stand for:

  • International Relations and Security Network, a free public service that provides products and resources to encourage the exchange of information among international relations and security professionals worldwide.
  • Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, in the U.S. Department of State
  • International Suppliers Network, a vendor tracking system.
  • International Society for Neurochemistry
  • Interstellar Network News, a news network in the fictional Babylon 5 universe.
  • Idioma de Signos Nicaragüense meaning Nicaraguan Sign Language in the Spanish language.
  • Sloulin Field International Airport, Williston, North Dakota, USA ( IATA airport code)
  • Internment Serial Number, a number which captives of the United States Armed Services apprehended during its war on terror are assigned.
  • Initial Sequence Number, a number exchanged in TCP segments during computer network communication between a client and a server. Central in a SYN flood defense known as SYN cookies.
  • Intel Software Network
  • InfoSec News
  • Institut de Santé Naturelle (ISN or ISNFR) Fleury Rodet
  • Superphénix
  • ITAD Subscriber Numbers, a method of providing inter-domain numeric Session Initiation Protocol addressing, allowing SIP URIs to be dialled numerically.
  • Independent Sports Network which was part of the London News Network.