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n. (plural of isle English)


Isles may refer to:

  • Isles class trawler, a class of naval trawler used by the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Isles FM, a local radio station operating from Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
  • New York Islanders, a professional ice hockey team that is part of the National Hockey League (NHL)
  • ISLES project, a study on renewable energy potential off the coasts of western Scotland and Ireland
  • these Isles or the Isles alternate formulation of British Isles (see also British Isles naming dispute)
  • Kingdom of the Isles, a medieval realm comprising the Hebrides, the islands of the Firth of Clyde, and the Isle of Man
  • Carlin Isles (born 1989), American rugby sevens player
  • Isles, debut studio album by duo Wild Belle
Isles (album)

Isles is the debut studio album by the American brother/sister duo Wild Belle. It was released on March 12, 2013, by Columbia Records. The album encompasses many genres, and its title refers to the band's goal of making each song its own " isle" with a distinct musical style.

Usage examples of "isles".

Prince Garric died battling the Count of Blaise and waves of Archai conquered all the Isles except for Laut.

King Carus ruled and the Isles were unified for the last time in their history.

Nobody in the Isles, maybe nobody in all time, could do more with fabrics than Ilna could.

Dukes of Ornifal took the title of Kings of the Isles four hundred years ago, they sequestered a huge tract north of the city proper.

The Kingdom of the Isles stood in his day because of the consummate skill with which Tenoctris worked.

King of the Isles and had known little more of the Count of Haft in Carcosa.

Earlier in the reign of Valence the Third, the Kingdom of the Isles had controlled little more than port duties and the fishing within dory-haul of Ornifal, but even that slight reach had required enforcement vessels.

Slaughter like that will fragment the Isles, as surely as it did in your own time.

Merchants from one end of the Isles to the other hired Blaise armsmen as bodyguards.

He turned and looked eastward, over the city that had returned to the Kingdom of the Isles for the first time in a thousand years.

A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook Title: Isles of Fear Author: Katherine Mayo eBook No.

Carus, the greatest King of the Isles since King Lorcan, the founder of the linewas drowned and all his fleet drowned with him.

They were rare everywhere in the Isles and almost unknown here in the eastern reaches.

When the Isles were great a thousand years ago, when the kingship meant something, those kings were men of Haft!

But the Hooded One wanted more than that, and he brought the Kingdom of the Isles down in centuries of war and famine.