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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Etymology 1 vb. (eye dialect of is English) Etymology 2

adv. 1 (context colloquial English) somewhat, reasonably, fairly 2 (context colloquial English) about, approximately Etymology 3

n. The name of the letter which stands for the ''sh'' sound (IPA /ʃ/ English) in Pitman shorthand. Etymology 4

n. (context dated fandom slang English) An instalment of a periodical; an issue. Etymology 5

n. Shit.


Ish may refer to:

  • Chazon Ish, sobriquet of Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz
  • the Sanskrit for "lord", see Ishvara
  • Ish Kabibble (1908–1994), comedian and cornet player
  • ...ish (audio drama), Doctor Who audio drama
  • A suffix rendering an absolute to an approximation especially when referring to time.
  • A book by Peter H. Reynolds

Usage examples of "ish".

Looking at that hawk-like profile bent over the hieratic ivory figures on the board, he wondered if Ish had understood how high gambling stakes could run.

She had started life as Letty Piggins, the daughter of an impover ished Yorkshire farmer.

From one moment of being a buck of the first head and cater- wauling with his friends allover London, chasing women, eat- ing and drinking his fill, gambling and playing, and with little thought for the morrow, to this seaborne exile was just too hell- ish a wrench.

It ish against my rules, and if I proke tem for you I vill have to do so for every body.

Before the pair of them had unsorted themselves Ish was on his feet again.

Ish and Em would have urged him to stay permanently, but they feared the triangle-situation, even when the outsider was as easygoing and perceptive as Ezra.

Ish could remember, he had never seen the easygoing Ezra punIsh a child.

Turcotte had immediately sized up the other man physi- ishing the long overland movements with heavy rucksack as cally.

As long as there were sulfa pills in any drug store and they kept potent in spite of age, Ish saw no need to find out experimentally just how this sore throat would develop, if left untreated.

The Dalmatian was the least fiercesome looking of the dogs, and Ish felt that he might brave that one.

Once Ish found him cutting different-shaped triangles from pieces of paper and then recutting the ends from each triangle and placing them together to form a straight line.

Despite the shirtsleeves and rumpled hair, Ish looked capable of playing pool for the rest of the night.

He saw an answering look of affection come into the big eyes, and suddenly Ish knew that behind all the boyIsh bumptiousness, Joey was really a timid, sensitive child, just as he himself had once been.

As Ish reflected, the Catholic Church had considered almost all possibilities, but apparently never the one of getting reorganized after the Apostolic Succession was broken and only two women remained.

It was an unforgettable day for we saw seventeen Bald Eagles-an almost unbelievable number in this age when the Bald Eagle has become yet another van- ishing species.