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Isen may refer to:

  • Isen, Bavaria, a town in Germany
  • Isen, Kagoshima, a town in Japan
  • The Isen (river) in Bavaria, Germany
  • The fictitious river Isen in Tolkien's literature
  • ISEN, a group of three French higher education establishments
Isen (river)

The Isen is a small river in southeast Upper Bavaria with a length of about 76 kilometres. The Isen rises near Lacken (in the municipality of Maitenbeth, district of Mühldorf am Inn) and flows through one of the most unspoiled regions of Old Bavaria (Altbayern): the Isen Valley.

First seeing the light of day in the district of Mühldorf, the waters of the Isen flow initially into the district of Erding the villages of Isen, Lengdorf and Dorfen, and then return again to Mühldorf district coursing through ( Schwindegg, Ampfing, Mettenheim, Mühldorf am Inn and Erharting). Finally it flows into the Inn in the district of Altötting, municipality Winhöring, opposite Neuötting.

The mouth of the Isen where it discharges into the Inn was moved further west to between the villages of Kronberg and Unterau in the municipality of Winhöring in the 19th century during the building of the München–Mühldorf–Simbach railway line. Its original mouth was near the village of Kager. Even today a few marshy spots in the fields and meadows give away the old course of the Isen.

The Isen Valley, with its tributaries, is a Special Area of Conservation (Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Richtlinie or FFH) that is threatened by the construction of the A 94 motorway.

The water quality of the Isen is moderately to critically polluted. Its tributaries are the Lappach, Ornaubach, Kagnbach and Goldach.

Usage examples of "isen".

Yukiah started toward her, pausing to work with one of the thirteen year olds, a slender girl named Isen, one of the special-gifts who tended to slip into a rhythmic semi-trance state when she fought if they did not watch her.

What Isen did not add was that her father was the last prince of the blood.

Alora, Isen, and Jimi, with conspicuous unease, as if expecting a riot should the verdict go against Edouina.

It must have shown on his face, because Isen reached across the table with both of her hands and squeezed his fingers.

Yet, Isen seemed so mature for her age, so different from all the others.

He wanted her, wanted to make love to her, wanted to wake up every day for the rest of his life with Isen in his arms.

Osterbridge had not been seen in several days, and Edouina wondered what was up with him, since he and Isen had been all but inseparable for months.

He would do what he could to convince Osterbridge that it was proper for him to be in love with Isen, to express his love for her.

They were dressed in their workout clothes and Isen had a silly grin on her face.

She knew how much Osterbridge had enjoyed working out with his slain friends, and she had suggested this approach to Isen when it looked like the two of them were breaking up.

For all of that, there was something about Isen that brought out his protective streak and that was where it all went wrong.

The armsmaster thought they were a good match, and kept reassuring Osterbridge that there was nothing wrong with his feelings for Isen, going so far as to suggest that bedding her would be good for both of them.

Yukiah believed that sex might actually ground Isen more firmly in her body, and make the trance state less likely to happen.

A groan rose with a stiffening in his body and Isen slowed in her efforts to stroke his face for several heartbeats, tracing the edges of the tears, her eyes large with concern.

All the memories had come unlocked when Isen revealed herself and Yukiah knew who and what he was.