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ISE may refer to:


  • Iceland School of Energy, an interdisciplinary graduate education program in the field of renewable energy based in Reykjavik University
  • Information Sharing Environment, established by the U.S. Congress as part of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004
  • Institute for Social Ecology
  • Institute of Software Engineers, an organization of professional software engineers
  • International Securities Exchange
  • International Society of Electrochemistry
  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • Islamabad Stock Exchange
  • Islamic Society of Engineers, a political organisation in Iran
  • Istanbul Stock Exchange
  • Initiative for Science in Europe
  • International Student Exchange
  • Institute for Shipboard Education, which administers the Semester at Sea program
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, an institute of the Fraunhofer Society


  • International Standard English, see International English
  • Ion-selective electrode
  • Industrial systems engineering, see industrial engineering
  • InSinkErator
  • Xilinx ISE, a software suite
Ise (river)

The Ise is a roughly 50 km long, almost natural river in East Lower Saxony, Germany, which crosses the district of Gifhorn from north to south and discharges into the Aller at Gifhorn itself.

Usage examples of "ise".

Amakasu Sanpei, the Takeda ninja, was still spying on the Oda in Ise or Gifu, but you had already come back.

Bond stood in the shade of the avenue of giant cryptomerias and observed the pilgrims, slung with cameras, who were visiting the famous Outer Shrine of Ise, the greatest temple to the creed of Shintoism.

Sir Godfrey and Lady Belling ham were scandal ising the guests by dancing every dance together, more amorously entwined than any younger couple.

He was annoyed with them even though he understood why they made these pilgrimages to the great shrine of the Sun Goddess at Ise.

But he believed he'd made astm Then he learned that in a single day she had been pron ised a teaching contract, put her house on the market a~ looked at several houses that would be available for rtn when school started.

Under these cir cumstances, it appears to me, I own, that when he comes before you again (as you informed me he prom ised to do to-morrow, pending your inquiries, and I think he may be so far relied upon), his commital for some short term as a Vagabond, would be a service to society, and would be a salutary example in a country where -- for the sake of those who are, through good and evil report, the Friends and Fathers of the Poor, as well as with a view to that, generally speaking misguided class themselves -- examples are greatly needed.

Alizant could be a very literal, very stubborn young manand he had prom ised the boy that if he got his encapsulator gadget ready he'd have his chance to convince the cream of Rhomatum's investors.

I then threw my specterculs out of the winder, smasht my hat wildly down over my Ise, larfed highsterically & fell under a seet.