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IRT may refer to:

  • Iranian toman, Currency used in Iran
  • Immunoreactive trypsinogen, used as a newborn screening test for cystic fibrosis
  • Indiana Repertory Theatre, a theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Infrared thermography
  • Infrared triplet of Ca II
  • Institut für Rundfunktechnik, the research institute of the public broadcasters of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Interborough Rapid Transit Company, former operator of a portion of the New York City Subway system
  • Isochronous real time, a computer protocol used for PROFINET IO
  • Interactive Response Technology, used e.g. in planning of drug supply during clinical trials
  • Item response theory, a theory to interpret data from psychometric tests
  • Ice Road Truckers, a documentary television series on History Channel
    • IRT: Deadliest Roads, a spin-off series of Ice Road Truckers