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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Irrepressibly \Ir`re*press"i*bly\, adv. In a manner or to a degree that can not be repressed.


adv. In a manner or to a degree that can not be repressed; in an irrepressible way.

Usage examples of "irrepressibly".

A large musical box on the chimney-piece often trilled away at the Overture to Fra Diavolo, or a Selection from William Tell, with a chirruping liveliness that had to be stopped by force on the entrance of a client, and irrepressibly broke out again the moment his back was turned.

That night, as if the piercing implement had been a rod of flint striking volatile sparks from a hard covert place within, Drake found himself unable to sleep, the tinder of his mind nicely fuzzed, high on the new-sprung chemicals of his own body, restless fingers straying irrepressibly downward to touch in ever-recurring wonder the swollen actuality of his wounded self.

The only member of the little group who remained unaffected was Ab, singsonging irrepressibly behind Flinx: "Neutron, neutron, who you are, why is an organ camelbar?

McQueen, you've been valiant, but it is now time for you to retire to Blackwood Manor and reign in state as the irrepressibly entertaining steel magnolia which we all know you to be.