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The Collaborative International Dictionary

irp \irp\ ([~e]rp), a. Making irps. [Obs.]
--B. Jonson.


n. (context obsolete English) A fantastic grimace or contortion of the body.


IRP may mean any of the following:

  • NIH Intramural Research Program (National Institutes of Health)
  • Interest rate parity, equilibrium indifferent to interest rate
  • I/O request packet, used in Microsoft Windows for interprocess communication
  • The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan
  • Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, formerly known as Indianapolis Raceway Park (IRP)
  • International Registration Plan, of transportation carriers in North America
  • International Resource Panel, for sustainable use of natural resources
  • Islamic Republic Party, former Iranian political party
  • Iron-responsive element-binding protein or iron regulatory protein
  • The International Reporting Project, funds independent journalistic coverage
  • Schlesinger Institute#International Responsa Project (IRP), advising on ethical medical questions relating to Jewish law
  • Individual'nyi Ratsion Pitaniya (IRP) (Индивидуальный рацион питания (ИРП)), Russian military Individual Ration Pack
  • Matari Airport, IATA code
  • Integration Reference Point (3GPP)