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Iron Mike

Iron Mike is the de facto name of various monuments commemorating servicemen of the United States military. The term "Iron Mike" is uniquely American slang used to refer to men who are especially tough, brave, and inspiring; it was originally a nautical term for a gyrocompass, used to keep a ship on an unwavering course. Because the use of the slang term was popular in the first half of the 20th century, many statues from that period acquired the Iron Mike nickname, and over the generations the artists' titles were largely forgotten. Even official military publications and classroom texts tend to prefer the nickname to the original titles.

Iron Mike (disambiguation)

Iron Mike is a name used for memorial statues of American servicemen.

Iron Mike may also refer to:

Iron Mike (fountain)

Iron Mike is an 1896 cast-iron fountain in the 400 Block of Washington Street in the city of Oregon, Illinois. The multi-tier fountain is set into a matte green concrete base. Iron Mike is four feet tall and three feet wide, at its widest point. The fountain's lowest tier is a pool for pets and reads "Illinois Humane Society." There is a step for children on the south side of the fountain and on the north, street, side, the largest middle tier is made to be accessible to horses. On the rear side of the horse basin is a "bubbler" for adults, it is also reachable by children via the iron step.