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The is a Japanese poem, probably written in the Heian era ( AD 794–1179). Originally the poem was attributed to the founder of the Shingon Esoteric sect of Buddhism in Japan, Kūkai, but more modern research has found the date of composition to be later in the Heian Period. The first record of its existence dates from 1079. It is famous because it is simultaneously a perfect pangram and isogram, containing each character of the Japanese syllabary exactly once. Because of this, it is also used as an ordering for the syllabary, in the same way as the A, B, C, D... sequence of the English alphabet.

Iroha (album)

Released 2005/09/28, Iroha is the debut album from j-Rock band, Chirinuruwowaka TOCT-25739, ¥3059 (tax included)

Iroha (band)

Iroha is an post-metal band from Birmingham, England formed by former Final member Andy Swan featuring Jesu bassist Diarmuid Dalton and former Rumblefish and Low Art Thrill member, Dominic Crane.

Iroha (disambiguation)

The Iroha is a Japanese poem.

Iroha may also refer to:

  • Iroha (band), an experimental rock band from Birmingham, England
  • Iroha, a character in Samurai Shodown
  • Iroha Isshiki, a female character in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
  • Iroha , a brand of female masturbation aids by the Japanese company Tenga