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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hyphenated American \Hyphenated American\ An American who is referred to by a hyphenated term with the first word indicating an origin in a foreign country, and the second term being ``American'', as Irish-American, Italian-American, African-American, Asian-American. Used in reference to Americans of foreign birth or ancestry. When used of Americans of European ancestry, it is often used to refer to those who have a strong attachment to the ancestral country or its culture. It implies that the individual is imperfectly assimilated into American culture, and is sometimes used derogatively.


Irish American \I"rish A*mer"i*can\, Irish-American \I"rish-A*mer"i*can\ A native of Ireland who has become an American citizen; also, a child or descendant of such a person.

Usage examples of "irish-american".

On September 17th special trains were arriving crammed with the homeless burghers, and with the mercenaries of many nations--French, German, Irish-American, and Russian--all anxious to make their way home.

He still had a huge following, particularly among the so-called hyphenates, the German-Americans and the Irish-Americans, all enemies of England and her allies.

The assembled soldiers came to present arms, and their ancient regimental standard dipped, though not the Stars and Stripes, of course, which, an American athlete had once proclaimed, dips to no earthly king or potentate (he'd been an Irish-American unwilling so to honor the King of England at the 1908 Olympiad).