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IRIN (formerly Integrated Regional Information Networks) acts as a news agency focusing on humanitarian stories in regions that are often forgotten, under-reported, misunderstood or ignored.

Until 1 January 2015, IRIN was a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). IRIN aims to create greater awareness and understanding of regional issues and events, and to contribute to better-informed and more effective humanitarian action, media coverage and advocacy.

The news service is widely used by the humanitarian aid community, as well as academics and researchers.

Usage examples of "irin".

She looks only a little like Irin, but that irritating mental attitude is very nearly a carbon copy.

Rissim said while Irin held me tightly to her, her thoughts having turned downright feral.

Rissim went on, taking one step forward to put Irin and me somewhat behind him.

When I woke again it was full dark, Irin was lighting one of the candles on the wall in my room, and I actually felt rested enough to get up and start doing things.

What was left of the marks on my back bothered Irin, but not so much that she wasted a lot of time making furious and disapproving noises.

Trays held pitchers of drishnak and a lighter wine, and various dishes were all ready to begin making the rounds as soon as Irin and I could get started.

After that it was impossible separating one from the other even though some were dark-haired like me and Irin, and some were blond like Rissim.

Rissim asked in the ragged silence while Irin urged me to put my head down on her shoulder.

I quoted without letting the memory tear me the way it wanted to, leaning on Irin and my mind-tool of strength alike.

Most of the minds around me were maintaining a matching silence, too shocked to think or feel, Irin being the only exception.

I straightened away from Irin in deep shock, remembering all too clearly how that slave drug worked from my own experience with it.

I suddenly found myself face to face with an Irin who had been looking for me, and not long after that I was being forced down among cushions in a private corner just beyond the kitchen.

I poured a cup and sipped from it, then sat staring at it until Irin settled herself among cushions of her own.

It had taken him a while to move out of my range, but when it had happened even Irin had felt it.

In a way Irin was behaving just the way Rissim had the night before, calmly deciding she had the right to mix into my life without once asking whether or not I minded.