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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Iridal \I"ri*dal\ (?; 277), a. [L. iris, iridis, rainbow. See Iris.] Of or pertaining to the iris or rainbow; prismatic; as, the iridal colors.


a. 1 (context rare English) Pertaining to a rainbow. 2 (context chiefly medicine English) Pertaining to the iris of the eye.

Usage examples of "iridal".

How important it must make you feel, Iridal, to know that you hold so many lives in your hands!

Living with a father who doted on her following her mother's death, Iridal had been raised by a grandmotherly nanny.

Grabbing hold of the nurse's fingers, Iridal kissed them and bade her leave in a low and tremulous voice.

Sinistrad handed it to Iridal as one might hand over a puppy found abandoned on the road.

But whenever Iridal looked at the image of her father's face, she could still see the pity in his eyes.

The guild members were just as well pleased Iridal did not attend the meetings.

Haplo chose to seat himself at the opposite end of the long table, near Iridal and Hugh.

Glancing at her husband, Iridal swallowed and reached out her hand for her wine goblet.

Sitting down on the bed, Iridal slid her arm around him and drew him close, soothing him with her hand.

In that instant, seeing the skullcapped head bent so near the fair-haired one, hearing the murmur of the voices-one young and one old caught up in the excitement of what she could only think was some childish project of her son's, Iridal forgave Sinistrad everything.

Seeming to float on the mist outside the window were the glittering spires of the city of New Hope-the city that, according to what Iridal had told him, might as well be called No Hope.

Reaching out as far as she could from behind her own walls, Iridal touched the tips of his fingers.

Snapping jaws dived down, and Iridal shivered in terror, certain the man must be bitten in two.

Keeping a wary eye on the dragon, Iridal took hold of Alfred's hand and held it fast.

I heard, before I left Drevlin, that the Sartan and the boy's mother, Iridal, had joined together to look for her son.