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Iree (also Ire or Iree Alalubosa) is a Yoruba town in the north-eastern part of Osun State, Nigeria, West Africa. Its geographical coordinates are 7.55 North and 4.43 East. Iree is one of the major towns in the Boripe Local Government Area of Osun State. It is located on the Osogbo-Illa-Orangun road, about 30 km from Osogbo and 8 kilometers from Ikirun. It is surrounded by the following towns: Ikirun, Iba, Eripa, Ada, Aagba, Ororuwo, and Iragbiji. Iree and many other towns in the same region have their names beginning with the letter ‘I’ and so, are usually described as being located in the ‘I’ District. Such towns include Ikirun, Iba, Illa-Orangun, Inisa, Iragbiji, Iresi, Itake and Imoleke. Iree is also situated in a valley amidst seven prominent hills which, in the past, have served as natural fortresses in times of war — primarily during the Yoruba civil wars of the nineteenth century and most especially, from hostile neighboring communities. The seven hills are: Eru Hill, Ilako Hill, Ipole Hill, Adanimole Hill, Aganna Hill, Apo Hill, and Maye Hill. The 7-hill topography of the town makes it a beautiful attraction to tourists and the warm hospitality of its people makes a visit to Iree a pleasantly memorable experience that brings tourists back there time and again.