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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Irani \Irani\ n. a native or inhabitant of Iran.

Syn: Iranian, Persian.

Irani (India)

The Irani are an ethno-religious community in South Asia; they belong to the Zoroastrians who emigrated from Iran to South Asia in the 19th century. They are culturally, linguistically and socially distinct from the Parsis, who – although also Zoroastrians – emigrated to the Indian subcontinent from Greater Iran many centuries before the Iranis did.


Irani may refer to the following:

  • Anything related to Iran
    • Iranian peoples
    • Iranian diaspora
  • Iranian traditional medicine traditional medicine.
  • Irani (India), an ethno-religious group of Zoroastrian Iranians in the Indian subcontinent
  • Irani (Uzbekistan), an ethnic group in former USSR (mainly in Uzbekistan)
  • Iranian languages, a group of individual languages including Persian, Kurdish, Lurish, and Balochi.
  • Irani, Santa Catarina

Usage examples of "irani".

Ranelle, even as chaos erupted in the tavern and irani shrieks filled the air.

But as she saw the irani circling above, a burst of fear gave her the strength to move.

The next time she would better shield her mind so that the irani could not follow her.

Jalen melted into the shadows and waited for the irani to circle past.

Jalen felt the approach of another irani as it circled the fortress on its patrol.

Smells of old irani dung and ancient dust met his nose, and Ranelle sneezed.

The invisible wall of protection would shield them from the storm, and hide them from the irani and the Sorcerer.

Two irani appeared above, flying from over the cliff behind Jalen and Ranelle.

The only sounds were waves crashing against the shore and the irani cries.

I can see the future every bit as clearly as the best of them, Irani, and this is what I have to tell you: in due time Prestimion is going to come serenely to the throne, and Korsibar will gladly pay homage to him along with all the rest of us.

Septach Melayn gave Count Irani a good-humored wink and turned away to find some other conversational partner among a group of younger princes that had collected about the table of wines.

All that had been given over to Mandrykarn and Venta and Count Irani, but they kept running in constantly to consult him about this matter or that, unwilling so early in the new regime to risk employing their own judgment.

Galactic, and to develop a Zarathustran dialect with Irani admixtures.

So far, more than seventy persons have died in the week-long unrest in the Irani capital.