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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ir \Ir\ n. (Chem.) The chemical symbol for iridium, a metallic element of the platinum group. It has atomic number 77 and an atomic weight of 192.22.

Syn: iridium.


Ir, ir or IR may refer to:

IR may refer to:

Ir (cuneiform)

The cuneiform ir (more common usage), or er sign is a sign used in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Amarna letters. It is in a small group that have smaller, 3-verticals, as well as 2- and 1-vertical strokes, sitting on a lower horizontal cuneiform stroke.

The sign is similar to the sa (cuneiform) sign, but sa's upper horizontal stroke is shorter than the lower anchored horizontal stroke. In the Amarna letters, it can also be confused with specific usages of ú-(the alphabetic u (by usage), Ú-1st prime– Ù-2nd prime is a complex, two-part large cuneiform sign, ="and", "but", or other conjunction meanings), as in Amarna letter EA 362, ( Biridiya to Pharaoh).

Usage examples of "ir".

Bobby was the NOAA observer for the Park, or at least making daily reports to the National Weather Service in Anchorage was his excuse to the IRS every time he bought a new receiver.

DeLucas byr unning it through an account without reporting it to the IRS.

Defense contractor and the FBI official, in return for a nolo contendere and the opportunity to write the IRS a big check and let bygones be bygones.

IRS taxers of wealth, who-although their eyes were open wide and their ears unplugged by wax-saw and heard only a fraction of what they should.

Then I gave those numbers to my friend and had him search through the IRS data bank for any employer that had made withholding deposits to us on behalf of those Social Security numbers.

A week after LFA made the withholding they came back to the IRS and claimed they had made a mistake.

As he spoke, he switched his viewing mode from light amplification to IR.

The government would hound Stafford for the rest of his life, looking for that money, with IRS audits every year, twice a year, while Wendell Carson raked leaves at Club Fed.

The sound of talk and laughter had begun to lessen in the hall belo now an occasional snore was beginning to echo up the ir.

Are you able to confIRm that number with bolometric readings and thermal IR?

Eschewing any professional jealousy at their success, a proud Martin Har-bos presented them with a double-spouted, unbroken Chimu pot iri the shape of a llama.

Today, however, with modern warp drive systems and expanding trade, the geodesic which skirts the Elysian solar system may become a corridor between the Federation and the farthest extent of the Romulan Neutral Zone, particularly Starbase 32, which lies precariously far from federation neighbors- Whether the non-Federation worlds near the starbase would Provide aid iri an emervnCy is an unknown factor.

Gar was between Menti and Iri, with Hiat and Supi completing it beyond them.

IRS calls his buddy at FDA and they dig up a couple of cases of typhus out in the boondocks, seize their mailing list send out agents in Georgia Arkansas Mississippi Texas digging up typhus nobody told them to drink the Pee Dee water, a lot of God damn ignorant people out there see a bottle they open it and drink it that brings in the Post Office Department and the FCC, they all know each other.

At five o'clock on Tuesday morning, a local IRS agent named Ramos presented himself at the back door of the restaurant to fill in for his cousin, the busboy, who'd purportedly taken ill.