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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Invisibly \In*vis"i*bly\, adv. In an invisible manner.


adv. In a way that can not be seen; in an invisible manner.


adv. without being seen; "these organisms enter the body invisibly" [ant: visibly]

Usage examples of "invisibly".

Half dreaming, she saw a woman in the room in a chair and a man who was painting her, not on to canvas but directly with brushes on to her face, adjusting the colour with tiny dabs at his palette until it flowed on invisibly.

Matzerath was right next door, threatening them invisibly but palpably with moribund eels that he brandished like a whip.

Down each of these little valleys flows a clear stream, here and there assuming the form of a slender cascade, then stealing invisibly along until it bursts upon the sight again in larger and more noisy waterfalls, and at last demurely wanders along to the sea.

There must have been tens of thousands of volts pulsing invisibly through that section of the secret process, hundreds of amperes of burning annihilation waiting to scorch through the first thing that tapped them with that crackle of blue flame and hiss of intolerable heat which he had seen once and heard again.

McCoy stayed where he was, sitting on the single low chair that was all his room could boast, but Arrhae rose from the table and took up a wary position in front of the storage door with its neatly, almost invisibly snapped lock.

The delicate scales used by the assayers were inclosed in glass cases intended to be air-tight, and yet some of this dust was so impalpable and so invisibly fine that it would get in, somehow, and impair the accuracy of those scales.

I knew that the nanotech neuro-attenuators swam invisibly and independently to the top of my tea as a barely visible sheen, undetectable.

The mightiest of the berserks, his big face contorted by a fighting fury that would never fade till sheer exhaustion forced it, had just slashed off the bonily pink, invisibly fleshed head of Lithquil's assassin.

As a delicate wind danceth invisibly upon parqueted seas, light, feather-light, so danceth sleep upon me.

Around the devisers of new values revolveth the world:- invisibly it revolveth.

This time, he was surrounded by a flock of hornet-size aerostats flying in an ellipsoidal formation all around him, hissing gently and invisibly through the night and waiting for an excuse to swarm.

Cruel foreigners who took the young men and women to labor in a death camp, to create a metal precious beyond gold but without beauty, a metal invisibly resplendent, a metal valued for the horror of its touch, death by white light or lingering cancer.

When he's a camera the pee oh vee is always on the move, he hates static shots, so he's floating up on a high crane looking down at the foreshortened figures of the actors, or he's swooping down to stand invisibly between them, turning slowly on his heel to achieve a threehundred-and-sixty-degree pan, or maybe he'll try a dolly shot, tracking along beside Baal and Abu Simbel as they walk, or hand--held with the help of a steadicam he'll probe the secrets of the Grandee's bedchamber.

Poised just a millimeter over the metallic hard points that would complete the electrical circuit, they surged invisibly with the current poised over their tips.

Besides, I don't believe there's anything behind this but the Benignity wanting a ship to use invisibly in Familias space.