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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Intriguer \In*trigu"er\ ([i^]n*tr[=e]g"[~e]r), n. One who intrigues.


n. One who intrigues; one who forms plots, or pursues an object by secret means.


n. a person who devises plots or intrigues; "he is believed to be the principal designer of the terrorist bombing attack" [syn: designer]


Intriguer is the sixth studio album by alternative rock group Crowded House, released on 13 June 2010. It is the band's followup to the group's 2007 reunion album Time on Earth, and the first to feature all four current band members, including multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart and drummer Matt Sherrod, on all tracks. The first single for the album, " Saturday Sun", was released to radio and the video clip released to the internet in April 2010. Intriguer is the last Crowded House studio release to date.

Usage examples of "intriguer".

Jesuit should interfere and try to make my friends do anything otherwise than through my instrumentality, and I wanted that intriguer to know that my influence was greater than his own.

The plots and falsehoods of this designing intriguer having been completely brought home to him, and it being made clear how nefariously he had deprived both his brothers and the British government of large tracts of territory, no time was lost in stripping him of his ill-gotten honours and estates, and reducing him to the rank of a simple chief.

Free French we cleared Syria and the Lebanon of Vichyites and of German aviators and intriguers.

The demurest of fuliginous intriguers argued that Brail stone was but doing the spiriting required of him, and would have to pay the penalty unrewarded, let him Italianize as much as he pleased.

King of Mandria possessed a mind as ruthless, sharp, and manipulative as any of the plotters and intriguers in his court.

But something more was at stake for Darsoss now-more than the impersonal gains of the professional spy, or the avocational intriguer.

I have always believed that the thousand calumnies which the federalists, in bitterness of heart, and mortification at their ejection, daily invented against me, were carried to him by their busy intriguers, and made some impression.

Gardiner hath ability enough, but he is a subtle intriguer, and would set ye all by the ears.

In Federalist pamphlets and newspapers, Jefferson was decried as a hopeless visionary, a weakling, an intriguer intoxicated with French philosophy, more a Frenchman than an American, and therefore a bad man.

Pache, a subaltern busy body, a bland, smooth-faced intriguer, who, with his simple air and seeming worth, pushes himself up to the head of the War Department, where he used all its resources for pillaging, and who, born in a door-keeper's lodgings, returns there, either through craft or inclination, to take his dinner.

Though little known to the people of America, I believe that, as far as I am known, it is not as an enemy to the republic, nor an intriguer against it, nor a waster of it's revenue, nor prostitutor of it to the purposes of corruption, as the American represents me.