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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Intrenchment \In*trench"ment\, n. [From Intrench.]

  1. The act of intrenching or the state of being intrenched.

  2. (Mil.) Any defensive work consisting of at least a trench or ditch and a parapet made from the earth thrown up in making such a ditch.

    On our side, we have thrown up intrenchments on Winter and Prospect Hills.

  3. Any defense or protection.

  4. An encroachment or infringement.

    The slight intrenchment upon individual freedom.


n. (archaic spelling of entrenchment English)


n. an entrenched fortification; a position protected by trenches [syn: entrenchment]

Usage examples of "intrenchment".

The Sarci, the division of the tribe to which Beric belonged, had taken a leading part in the rising, and his father had fallen in the defence of their intrenchments.

We know that in the west they stormed the intrenchments of Cassivellaunus, and that no native fort has ever withstood their assault.

At the same moment the trumpets in the Roman intrenchments sounded, and immediately a tumult of confused shouting arose around and within the camp.

Aska, Boduoc, and another chief, each with a hundred men, took their posts in the intrenchments there, while Beric, with a hundred of the Sarci, remained in the great intrenchment on the summit, in readiness to bear down upon any point where aid was required.

At its sound the defenders of the three lower intrenchments instantly left their posts and dashed at full speed up the hill, gaining it long before the Romans, who, as they issued out, formed up in order to repel any attack that might be made upon them.

The Iceni were too few for the proper defence of so long a circuit of intrenchments, but the women and boys took their places beside them armed with hatchets, clubs, and knives.

There was much hot firing by skirmishers that day and artillery duels at long range, but the Northern army, which had fortified on the plain, would not come out of its intrenchments, and the Southern soldiers also stuck to theirs.

Hooker, moreover, was confronted by a long line of earthworks and other intrenchments, extending for twenty miles along the Rappahannock, and defended by the victors of Fredericksburg.

He could go into action with men and guns outnumbering his enemy more than two to one, and Lee and Jackson would have no such hills and intrenchments as those which had protected them while they cut down the army of Burnside at Fredericksburg.

Hooker, suddenly grown prudent, awed perhaps by his great responsibilities, wished to contract his camp and build intrenchments yet stronger.

Suppose that foe, with his army of splendid fighters, should come suddenly from his intrenchments and attack either division.

Rifles were stacked neatly behind the intrenchments, extending in a long line as far as they could see.

The Union troops lay close behind their intrenchments and mostly the storm beat itself to pieces on the side of the hill.

He thought he might now do more good at Havre, where new intrenchments would soon be necessary.

No resistance was now offered, and the Ternates tore down the burning palisades, and forced their way into the intrenchment, and with their scimitars and creeses put to death all who had been so unfortunate as not to take refuge in the citadel.