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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Intrench \In*trench"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Intrenched; p. pr. & vb. n. Intrenching.]

  1. To cut in; to furrow; to make trenches in or upon.

    It was this very sword intrenched it.

    His face Deep scars of thunder had intrenched.

  2. To surround with a trench or with intrenchments, as in fortification; to fortify with a ditch and parapet; as, the army intrenched their camp, or intrenched itself. ``In the suburbs close intrenched.''


vb. (en-past of intrench nodot=1); (obsolete spelling of entrenched lang=en nocap=1)

Usage examples of "intrenched".

But finding it well intrenched, strongly fortified by nature, and the ramparts covered with armed soldiers, he did not think proper that his troops, who were very much fatigued both by their march and the late battle, should attack it.

He was besides well intrenched with a high rampart and deep ditch, the approaches to which were rendered so difficult by the sharp spikes which he had disposed in a very skillful manner, that they were even sufficient of themselves to keep off the enemy.

Odoacer again appeared master of the field, and the invader, strongly intrenched in his camp of Pavia, was reduced to solicit the aid of a kindred nation, the Visigoths of Gaul.

Four thousand Persians, intrenched in the camp of Dubis, vanquished, almost without a combat, this disorderly multitude.

The Carthaginians hastily improvised an intrenched camp on the highest point of the hills, and as the Romans found it useless to attempt the precipitous ascent, they had no difficulty in making themselves safe.

Scipio at the time was encamped about a mile from Utica, having moved up from the coast where for a few days he had occupied an intrenched position close to his fleet.

Their approach led to one important result at least: after prosecuting the siege of Utica with all the resources at his command Scipio abandoned any further attempts on the place, and as winter was coming on he constructed an intrenched camp on a tongue of land which projected into the sea and was connected by a narrow isthmus with the mainland.

He now advanced against the enemy with an army of 20,000 infantry and 4000 cavalry, and came to a hill near Athacus where he strongly intrenched himself about a mile from the Roman camp.

He compromised at last amid varying counsels, and decided to hold his present intrenched lines along their full length.

With eyes shooting fire, the painter hastily fixed his feet, and, with a long leap, came down on his intrenched opponent.

Phillips and Codman put their heads together, and began to start and discuss various expedients for dislodging the intrenched fugitive.

But you keep yourself intrenched in a pretended ignorance which paralyzes me.

There were too many intrenched fortunes now, where once had been wilderness and endless opportunity.