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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Intreat \In*treat"\, v. t. See Entreat.


vb. (context dated English) entreat

Usage examples of "intreat".

But your benevolent countenance, so different from those to which I have been long accustomed, fills me with such confidence, that I dare hope for your indulgence, when I intreat you to spare yourself a useless labour, and to leave in peace the last hours of my life.

Being thus curteously intreated of these gracious and pitiful Nymphes, and hauing my safetie by them sufficiently warranted with sweet comforts, reuiuing my decaied spirites.

An hundred houses, and many large plaines are here together inhabited, more abundance of fish and fowle, and a pleasanter seat cannot be imagined: the King with fortie bowmen to guard me, intreated me to discharge my Pistoll, which they there presented me with a mark at six score to strike therewith but to spoil the practice I broke the cocke, whereat they were much discontented though a chaunce supposed.

Captaine from yonder Castle, and therewithall he tooke me by the halter and would violently have taken me away : but my master wiping away the blood of the blow which he received of the souldier, desired him gently and civilly to take some pitty upon him, and to let him depart with his owne, swearing and affirming that his slow Asse, welnigh dead with sicknesse, could scarce carry a few handfuls of hearbs to the next towne, much lesse he was able to beare any greater trusses : but when he saw the souldier would in no wise be intreated, but ready with his staffe to cleave my masters head, my master fell down at his feete, under colour to move him to some pitty, but when he saw his time, he tooke the souldier by the legs and cast him upon the ground: Then he buffetted him, thumped him, bit him, and tooke a stone and beat his face and his sides, that he could not turne and defend himselfe, but onely threaten that if ever he rose, he would choppe him in pieces.

Who comming to that soule-diseased knight,Could hardly him intreat, to tell his griefe:Which knowne, and all that noyd his heauie sprightWell searcht, eftsoones he gan apply reliefeOf salues and med'cines, which had passing priefe,And thereto added words of wondrous might:By which to ease he him recured briefe,And much asswag'd the passion of his plight,That he his paine endur'd, as seeming now more light.

Here Fanny, who could not but listen, involuntarily shook her head, and Crawford was instantly by her side again, intreating to know her meaning.

He intreats you to remember what he said when he visited you two days ago.