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a. (context inorganic chemistry English) of, relating to, acting between, or comprising two or more metals n. (context inorganic chemistry English) An intermetallic compound


An intermetallic, also called an intermetallic compound, intermetallic alloy, ordered intermetallic alloy, and a long-range-ordered alloy, is a solid-state compound exhibiting metallic bonding, defined stoichiometry and ordered crystal structure. Many intermetallic compounds are often simply called alloys.

Although the term "intermetallic compounds", as it applies to solid phases, has been in use for many years, its introduction was regretted, for example by Hume-Rothery in 1955.

Usage examples of "intermetallic".

But it also happens to be necessary as an intermetallic hydride in the complex process that is used to create the drug rather imprecisely (for it's only good for ten thousand years) known as Immortality.

The latest thing from Vishniac, designed in part by Spencer, and made of an intermetallic compound, chiefly gamma titanium aluminum, rendered superplastic for the manufacture of heat-resistant engine parts as well as the exterior skin, which dimmed a bit as they rose higher and it cooled.