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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an outbreak of insurrection
▪ It was widely believed that the outlaws had been plotting an insurrection.
▪ The reign of civil disorder and terrorism culminated in armed insurrection.
▪ the ruthless suppression of slave insurrections
▪ Any insurrection was met by a hefty blow.
▪ Castro liked to recall the earliest days of the insurrection, before Frank and Raymo went into the Sierra Maestra.
▪ However, a careful reading of the statutes indicates no distinction between insurrections in a state and insurrections of a state.
▪ If anything should jeopardise that freedom - an insurrection for instance - the Church, without hesitation, will condemn it.
▪ The day after that, the leaders of the insurrection surrendered.
▪ The imperial powers had two main interests on the island: keeping down insurrection and importing its rice and sugar.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insurrection \In`sur*rec"tion\, n. [L. insurrectio, fr. insurgere, insurrectum: cf. F. insurrection. See Insurgent.]

  1. A rising against civil or political authority, or the established government; open and active opposition to the execution of law in a city or state.

    It is found that this city of old time hath made insurrection against kings, and that rebellion and sedition have been made therein.
    --Ezra iv. 19.

  2. A rising in mass to oppose an enemy. [Obs.]

    Syn: Insurrection, Sedition, Revolt, Rebellion, Mutiny.

    Usage: Sedition is the raising of commotion in a state, as by conspiracy, without aiming at open violence against the laws. Insurrection is a rising of individuals to prevent the execution of law by force of arms. Revolt is a casting off the authority of a government, with a view to put it down by force, or to substitute one ruler for another. Rebellion is an extended insurrection and revolt. Mutiny is an insurrection on a small scale, as a mutiny of a regiment, or of a ship's crew.

    I say again, In soothing them, we nourish 'gainst our senate The cockle of rebellion, insolence, sedition.

    Insurrections of base people are commonly more furious in their beginnings.

    He was greatly strengthened, and the enemy as much enfeebled, by daily revolts.
    --Sir W. Raleigh.

    Though of their names in heavenly records now Be no memorial, blotted out and razed By their rebellion from the books of life.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Middle French insurrection, from Late Latin insurrectionem (nominative insurrectio) "a rising up," noun of action from past participle stem of insurgere "to rise up" (see insurgent).


n. An organized opposition to an authority; a mutiny; a rebellion


n. organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another [syn: rebellion, revolt, rising, uprising]

Insurrection (disambiguation)

Insurrection a limited form of rebellion, an armed uprising

Insurrection may also refer to:

Insurrection (Forgotten Realms novel)

Insurrection is a fantasy novel by Thomas M. Reid. It is the second book of the War of the Spider Queen hexad, a series set in the Forgotten Realms fictional universe of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Insurrection (Young novel)

Insurrection is the first novel in Robyn Young's Insurrection trilogy, her fourth book overall, published on 14 October 2010 through Hodder and Stoughton. The story is based on the exploits of the historical Robert the Bruce.

Insurrection (album)

Insurrection is the third studio album by deathcore band Molotov Solution, released through BlkHeart Group on October 25, 2011. It is the only Molotov Solution album to feature guitarist Richie Gomez, bassist Shane Slade and drummer Jacob Durrett.

Insurrection (O'Flaherty novel)

Insurrection is a 1950 novel by the Irish novelist Liam O'Flaherty. The story takes place during the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916. It was O’Flaherty’s final novel.

Insurrection (TV series)

Insurrection is an Irish docudrama written by Hugh Leonard and directed by Michael Garvey and Louis Lentin. It was first broadcast on Telefís Éireann in Ireland on 10 April 1966 and later on the BBC in the United Kingdom, ABC in Australia and several other European countries. Only one series of eight episodes was made, with each episode broadcast on consecutive nights. The series was repeated only once when, on 1 May 1966, it was shown in its entirety.

The series portrays the 1916 Easter Rising which was mounted by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic. The events were reconstructed as it might have been seen by an Irish television service at the time. Ray McAnally acted as the studio anchor of a news programme that presented daily coverage of the Rising as it unfolded, with Telefís Éireann reporters broadcasting on the spot updates of the events and conducting interviews with key participants. Along with the key figures of the insurrection, the series also looked at the action in the General Post Office, Liberty Hall and events like the Battle of Mount Street Bridge. Incidents outside Dublin such as the arrest of Roger Casement, the sinking of the Aud and the battle of Ashbourne were introduced into the programmes as filmed news items of the day. McAnally interviewed guests in studio and also used models and street maps to clarify details for the viewers.

Insurrection has received critical acclaim from television critics. Described in the RTV Guide as "undoubtedly the most difficult and ambitious project ever attempted by Irish television", the series formed the centrepiece of Telefís Éireann's 1916 golden jubilee commemoration. It was regarded as pioneering in its use of the outside broadcast unit to record drama on location and its presentation of an historical event in the style of modern TV war reporting. This technique was borrowed from the 1964 BBC TV film Culloden.

On 8 March 2016, RTÉ announced that Insurrection would be rebroadcast s part of their 1916 centenary commemoration.

Usage examples of "insurrection".

The insurrection in the northern part of the country has been getting worse, and in the past few weeks there have been student riots and uprisings in Bangkok itself.

She could only guess at the location, but its presence so far from either Bangkok or the northern border suggested that the communist insurrection was far more widespread and better organized than anyone had realized.

Thai army and air force officers who feel that Bangkok is dealing too softly with the communist insurrection.

AMERICAN INSURRECTION Like Ross Barnett, Citizens Council chief William Simmons was a child of the Confederacy.

As his advisers debated the options, Ross Barnett revealed two weaknesses that are common to politicians, but 64AN AMERICAN INSURRECTION would prove potentially disastrous in this crisis: He wanted everyone to love him, and he constantly changed his mind.

For thirteen days Barnett and his government had flamboyantly 86AN AMERICAN INSURRECTION defied the force and majesty of federal law.

Despite the ongoing telephone contact with Governor Barnett and his representatives, it not only appeared as if the state government was going to continue its rebellion, 96AN AMERICAN INSURRECTION but FBI intelligence was indicating that the state would be supported in the streets by untold thousands of civilian volunteers from across the country.

When Barnett made his interposition speech on September 13, 104AN AMERICAN INSURRECTION Bobby Kennedy and his Department of Justice team assumed that Mississippi state officials and police forces could try to block Meredith and the marshals, possibly triggering widespread public disorder, which would require a much larger military force.

AMERICAN INSURRECTION Soon after the game, the cheers still ringing in his ears, Barnett phoned Robert Kennedy and called off the decoy plan.

Tonight, he was able to continue the deception by taking the incoming call from JFK away from the Citizens Council men 194AN AMERICAN INSURRECTION in his interior study, accompanied only by his twenty-nineyear-old daughter Ouida Barnett Atkins.

Counsellor von Ledebour, at Bielefeld, and for Colonel von Sobbe, who were to head the insurrection in that part of the country?

North, and there was some contact between blacks and Indians, as in 1712 when Africans and Indians joined in an insurrection.

Age of Insurrection, Aeolis, named for the winter wind that sang through the passes of the hills above the broad valley of the river Breas, had been the disembarkation point for the City of the Dead.

In its glory, before the Age of Insurrection, Aeolis, named for the winter wind that sang through the passes of the hills above the broad valley of the river Breas, had been the disembarkation point for the City of the Dead.

On the 10th of April, 1848, when the great Chartist meeting took place near London, the dispositions made by the great duke to put down any attempt at insurrection, excited the admiration of all military men.