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n. 1 (plural of insurgent English) 2 People rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government.

Usage examples of "insurgents".

The Indo-Pakistani crises of 1990, 1999, and 2002 were all sparked by blatant Pakistani support for Kashmiri insurgents, and in every case India was restrained from responding as it would have liked by fear of escalation to nuclear war.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, it had been Britain that had done the heavy lifting when military intervention was required in the Gulf--such as sending troops to Kuwait to block an Iraqi invasion in 1961 and crushing insurgents in Aden.

But every nest of insurgents, every school of opposition would harden.

Numidia, Africa Province having surrendered all insurgents still at large.

Owing to the Palace of the Constituent Assembly having been nearly seized by a crowd of insurgents on the 22d of June, 1848, and there being no barracks in the neighborhood, General Cavaignac had constructed at three hundred paces from the Legislative Palace, on the grass plots of the Invalides, several rows of long huts, under which the grass was hidden.

But one of them remarked that some Mobile Guards had made the same overtures to the insurgents of June, and had turned against the Insurrection the arms which the Insurrection had left them.

The two Representatives wandered through the agitated and dark streets, little followed, in no way understood, seeking a ferment of insurgents, and only finding a swarming of the curious.

They called to mind that in June, 1848, a great number of insurgents had been shut up there, and later on had been transported.

The place is inaccessible and the locals have managed to resupply when the insurgents have attacked the forces we have there.

John Cope, finding that his march to Inverness had failed to draw the prince after him, and had left the Lowlands and the capital open to the insurgents, directed his march to Aberdeen, and sent to Edinburgh for transports to bring down his army to cover that city.

Westmoreland that he came up with the rear guard of the insurgents, which was commanded by Lord George Murray.

SOUTHAF to INDPAK to like an independent cell of Nuck insurgents with a 50-click Howitzer and big ideas.