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Insurge, commonly typeset iNsuRge, were a political industrial rock band founded in 1994 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Chris Dubrow (ex- Soulscraper). Other founders were Mattieu MacRoth on bass guitar, Matt Richmond on drums, Paul Bianco on found Percussion and Monique Wakelin on keyboards. Their debut album Power to the Poison People was released in August 1996, which reached No. 16 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

Insurge combined samplers and audio loops with layers of acoustic and electronic drums and found percussion (such as old kitchen sinks and other scrap metal) mixed with punk influenced guitars. The sound was influenced by alternative, industrial, goth, punk, dance and Australian pub rock.

The band was known for its outspoken political views which were particularly focused on global issues such as injustice in the developing world, the political influence of corporations and financial markets, and global environmental issues such as climate change. The band's politics were influenced by anarchism, environmentalism, anarcho-punk, political economy, and the anti-globalization movement. The band expressed their political views through their lyrics, interviews and live appearances.

Usage examples of "insurge".

Between each insurge of the waves, they could still see Greenstalk's fronds.